Are you committed, trainable, with self-drive and with good relationship skills with team members?

At Dekas Group Ltd, we are looking for you to join the family through giving innovative solutions to our customers and innovatively meet targets through self-driven targets. So, if these challenges are surmountable for you, we welcome your application to the open positions available at the moment.

Caution Alert

As part of our mandate to operate transparently, take note that all our job openings are always posted on our website. There should be NO Canvassing and Dekas Group does not charge for job interviews. After consideration based on your qualifications, an official email with our official contacts will be sent to you with an email ending with

Please Note: We do not charge for interviews or placements. In case you encounter please contact us:- Call: 0723041470 , Email : recruitment@dekasgroup.comĀ  , Offices: Rocks Building,Sheikh Karume Rd, 5th Floor, Nairobi.

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